Friday, December 14, 2012

Types of Sex Toys

When you're on many adult sites, or in adult stores, there is typically an endless list of "categories" or "types of toys" and when you are buying your first toy this can be a bit overwhelming. This is why I figured it would be a great idea to break down each type of toy for you here to help you make a better educated decision.

Dildo: A dildo is a phallic shaped toy designed for vaginal or anal insertion. It may be vibrating or non-vibrating, realistic or non-realistic.

Vibrator: A vibrator can be any object that vibrates, realistic or non-realistic, designed for clitoral stimulation or insertion or both. If it vibrates its a vibrator!

Realistic Toys: Realistic toys are designed in flesh tones and feature a prominent phallic head, may or may not feature veins along the shaft and may or may not feature testicles.

Non-Realistic Toys: When people think of sex toys they often imagine a huge plastic or rubbery cock, but there is any number of non-realistic toys in various colors and designs.

Clitoral Vibrator: A Clitoral vibrator is a vibrator designed to be used specifically on the clitoris, often these are known as bullets as the shape may resemble a bullet but there are any number of other shapes available as well. They are often too small or too awkwardly shaped to be inserted but any vibrator designed to be inserted may also be used clitorally.

Traditional Toys: Traditional toys are designed very simply, they are cylindrical in shape and often have a rounded head and very little texture. They are great toys for beginners because they can be used internally or externally and are very simplistic.

G-Spot Toy: These toys are designed, as one might expect, to stimulate the G-Spot. The tip should be curved with a flat or rounded head, you may even see some with a more pointed tip. These toys are best when made out of a firm material so as to apply adequate pressure to the G-Spot. Having knowledge of where your G-Spot is located will help you find a toy that fits your body best.

Dual Stimulation: Dual stimulation toys are often also known as "Rabbit Vibrators." They may feature one or two motors but typically have two "heads" or points of stimulation. One portion that is designed to be inserted and another that would rest against the clitoris while the larger end is inserted. I have even seen Triple Stimulation toys that stimulate internally, clitorally, and anally. The best multiple stimulation toys typically have one motor for each area but there are plenty of good toys dual stimulation with one or even no motors. Anatomy is very important with these toys as they must fit your body quite well to be effective.

Double Penetration: These are toys with two (vibrating or non-vibrating)shafts designed to be inserted anally and vaginally at the same time. As I have mentioned, a persons anatomy my affect how toys work with their bodies and this is more important here than in any other type of toy.

Harness Compatible: A harness compatible toy is one that has a flared base which can be inserted into a harness for gender-play, pegging, trans-men, or for any other reason you may desire.

Kegel Exercisers: Kegel exercisers are toys designed to exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor, the most common type are kegel balls (which are designed so that the user would flex their muscles to keep the balls inserted) but I have seen any other unique designs as well.

Anal Safe Toy: An anal safe toy is any toy that has a flared base and can be inserted safely anally. The anus has two rings of muscles, one can be controlled but the other cannot and may attempt to pull anything inserted inside. The vaginal canal has an end (the cervix) but the anal cavity does not, so anything lost anally usually requires a trip to the ER. This is why it is important to be sure that anything you insert anally has a flared base to keep in anchored outside the body. It also helps to get your anal toys it a very body safe, non-porous material (see more on materials in a later post), to keep it sanitary.

Butt Plug: A butt plug is a specific type of anal safe toy that is designed to be inserted and remain inserted during sex, masturbation, or any other type of play. Some can even be worn long term under clothing. They feature a flared base and a thin neck, usually with a bulbous head, this helps to keep it inserted and locked into place.

Anal Beads: These look exactly like a string of beads, with a flared base, that is designed to be inserted anally. Try pulling them out during orgasm (slowly, you're not starting a lawnmower!) for a unique popping sensation.

Prostate Massagers: Prostate massagers are shaped similarly to G-Spot toys but are instead designed to be inserted anally (with a flared base) and massage the male prostate.

Masturbation Sleeves: These are textured sleeves that are designed for the penis to be inserted into during masturbation. They may have one or two open ends, those with two open ends can be used during fellatio, using the sleeve to stimulate the shaft while the partner might stimulate the tip.

Cock Rings: These are restrictive bands that come in many different materials varying in stretchy-ness they are designed to be wrapped around either just the shaft or around the shaft and balls. They are designed to restrict blood flowing out of an erect penis, this keeps the erection harder for longer and also make the orgasm more intense. They may also house a vibrator or other devise for stimulation of a female partners clitoris.

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