Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wicked Wednesday: An Afternoon Delight

This late night edition of Wicked Wednesday brings us the simple story about a woman who surprises her man at the office, except things don't go exactly as planned. Don't judge too harshly, it's the first time I've written erotica in years, hell probably since high school. Because yes, that is how I spend my days in class in HS, don't judge. Some slight bondage and power exchange but overall pretty vanilla stuff for my foray back into the world of erotica, maybe I'll get a little kinky for next week's Wicked Wednesday, who knows?

     My heals click on the white tile floor as I walk across the lobby of his office building. I've always appreciated the design here, stark white walls and floor, furniture of black, glass, and chrome, sleek sharp lines, mirrors, it was all very modern. After a nod and a wave to the guys at the security desk I step into the elevator, examining myself in the mirrored walls. My hair falls sleek and straight past my shoulders onto my long red coat which sits just above my knees, allowing me to show just a hint of leg between the hem of the coat and my black leather boots. Perfect.
     I finish examining my appearance just as the bell dings and the door opens on to his floor. I take my picnic basket from where I had left it on the floor next to me and make my way towards his door. "Oh, hello dear" says Karen, his secretary, "he's in  one hell of a mood today, he's had quite a morning he has. I tried bringing him some tea and biscuits but maybe you'll have better luck." I've always been comforted by the fact that she's here for him, she keeps an eye on him and never lets him work too hard, acting almost like a mother to him. "Take care of him for me."
     "Oh I will, I brought him a nice lunch" I reply lifting the basket slightly, then I slip a $20 from the pocket of my jacket, "as a matter of fact I'm sure he won't mind if you head down to the sandwich shop down the street and get yourself something nice."
     "Thank you!" she smiles gratefully and reaches for her coat while I turn the knob and step into his office.
     "You will not believe the morning I've had!" he begins as I walk in, I pretty much stop listening there as I absorb the view. He's sitting at his desk, wonderfully disheveled, tie loosened, the first few buttons of his shirt undone. His hair is ruffled from running his fingers through it and his hands wave through the air as he regales me in the tales of his morning. I place the basket delicately onto the table in the corner and turn on my heal to face him. Slowly I begin to unbutton my jacket and let it fall around my feet revealing my black lace panties and my favorite red bra with black lace detailing. "...and then Justin called me and told me that... oh" he breaks off mid sentence and lets out a soft breath as his eye lock with mine and then scan over by body.
     "I thought you might be having a rough day so I figured I'd stop by to make it a little better" I say as I stride across the floor to his chair. I place my hands on either arm of his chair and spin him to face me while I drop to my knees in one fluid movement. "You could use some help relaxing" I whisper, running my hands up and down his thighs. I can see him swell through his trousers as his eyes roam over my back and ass so I let my hands linger over him for just a second before moving upwards to free the button at his waist and slide the cotton down low over his thighs allowing his cock to spring free. I slide my hands over his stomach and hips, warm against his flesh, and breath gently against him while I watch his body tense in anticipation.
     Savoring every second I lower my lips to touch him, beginning by resting them softly against the head of his cock and then letting it slip past my lips and into my my mouth. My eyes raise slowly to meet his and my tongue swirls slowly around his tip; his lips part as his breath quickens while his eyes silently plead with me to stop teasing, and I couldn't be happier to oblige. I quickly push my wet lips down to the base of his shaft, engulfing him entirely, and savor the sound of his gasp of pleasure and the feel of his hands clenching down on my shoulders. He grabs me hard, pushing his hips upward into me and moaning softly as I continue my ministrations. I can feel his arousal mounting, his thrusts becoming more erratic and hurried, his grip tightens and his breath catches, I just love seeing him like this. My hand slips between my legs and my hips unconsciously grind against it making me moan against his hard cock.
     Maybe I was distracted by his pleasure, maybe I was distracted by my own, but whatever it was I didn't notice his body shift, or his hand move to knot tightly in my hair. Suddenly he's standing up, pulling me off of him and shoving me across the room to the small sofa in the corner. Before I can figure out exactly what happened he's got me laying down, back arched over the arm of the sofa and legs sprawled out across the cushions. With one hand he grabs each of my wrists while the other grasps at his tie and deftly wraps it around my wrists, ties it tight, and hooks them onto the small hook where he normally hangs his briefcase, securing me in place. In a matter of seconds, he's turned everything around; what was supposed to be a sexy surprise had become entirely different. I think back, but my mind is fuzzy with pleasure as his fingertips linger over my tingling flesh.
     I was supposed to walk in, seduce him, blow his mind, and walk out, entirely unflustered while he was left a pleasured puddle in his seat.
     His fingers ghost over my sides. 
     I was going to be the sexy seductress, the daring dominant, Jessica Rabbit.
     I feel him on my breasts, just barely not touching my nipple.
     I surprised him for once, I managed that.
     His fingers move lower.
     I know he couldn't have seen this coming.
     Oh god they're on my hips.
     Or maybe he did?
     They slip under the hem of my panties and slide them low over my thighs while I squirm, begging him to quicken, this slow tease is torture.
     Did he know all along? Was this his plan?
     Oh! That's his mouth, his breath warm against my wet pussy.
     Ever the dominant, he was just pretending to let me get the upper hand, and now he's got me exactly where he wants me.
     And there it was, the end of cohesive thought, his soft wet lips made contact with my skin and I was engulfed with pleasure. My hips lift upwards and his hands grasp my hips, tight, his lips engulf my clit and his tongue begins flicking and swirling and I don't even know what but it feels amazing! His hand slips off my hip and around to my ass, grabbing it tight and pulling me into him, helping me ride through wave of wave after pleasure. I pull against the hook on the wall, wanting to grab at him, and squirm and move but it won't budge. The hand gripping my ass slides even lower, slipping around to play with the wetness around my opening then slowly, teasingly, he slips one finger inside me. I gasp quietly and look down to see the playful glimmer in his eyes, he loves to see me like this and he curls that finger seductively upwards while his tongue pushes firmly against my clit and my whole body arches and quakes. I can feel the pleasure in me growing, my moans become quicker and more desperate, we both know what's coming as I try and stifle my moans but he quickly pulls out and away from me. He stands next to me, cock hard and throbbing and looks down at me while I whimper for him to just touch me, anywhere, to give me relief.
     "Oh, now I can't just ignore this lovely lunch you brought me" he says as he walks over to the basket that is he and I both know doesn't have any food in it. He pulls out a simple purple vibrator and turns it on smirking mischievously. He returns to me, sliding the vibrating silicone over my neck and across my collarbones, down between my breasts and across my stomach. My excitement climbs the lower his hands slide and my hips rise to meet the toy, trying to bring it closer to my clit. Finally he slips it between my labia and I quickly slide my legs closed to grip it tightly and grind against it. Almost instantly his other hand it forcing my legs open again, "I want to see" he tells me firmly, he also doesn't want me to cum, at least not yet. The vibrator slips past my clit and pushes it's way into my wet pussy while I let out a gasp of pleasure. He turns up the vibration and thrusts the toy deeper and deeper inside me, despite the overwhelming pleasure I can't help but watch him watch me. His eyes are dark and his lips parted, despite the controlling facade he has built I can see it breaking down, I can how badly he wants me.
     Almost as soon as I notice this he pulls the vibrator out of me and tosses it aside, but before I can miss it his cock is slipping into me, hard and fast. He can't hold back a deep moan of pleasure as he is finally engulfed with me and he thrusts with abandon. My hands come free from the wall and I wrap them around his neck, holding him close to me and lifting my hips to him. We've long since forgotten to be quiet and our moans echo through the room and our pleasure swells and bursts, overwhelming us until our bodies are left quaking in a sweaty pile of hot flesh on flesh.
     I'm not sure how I got dressed, or out to the car, or even home. Somehow he always manages to do that to me, switch everything around, turn it all on it's head in the most amazing ways. What I do remember is the moment where he snatched my panties off the floor and threw them into the drawer of his desk. He said they had to stay there, as a trophy, in memory of his afternoon delight.

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  1. I love the turnabout (and of course I am all about the bondage!). Excellent hot tale! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Very hot afternoon delight, well written.

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday :)

    Rebel xox