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Key Charms Curve Review

Vibration Strength: 3/5
Noise: 3/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Ease of Care: 5/5
Material Safety: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

Pros:                                           Cons:
+ Soft Silicone                             - Weak/Buzzy Vibrations
+ Interchangeable Sleeve              - Tip is too Pointy
                                                 - Loud


     I'd like to introduce you to the new affordable line from one of my favorite luxury adult companies; Key by Jopen. I love Jopen's deluxe rabbit vibrators so I was thrilled when I heard about their new affordable line, expecially since I like toys that I can thrust with, one of the few things that the Jopen rabbits cannot do for me. Thanks to this sex toy shop I had the opportunity to test out one of the products from their new line, the Key Charms Curve.
     The Key Charms line is a collection of elongated plastic bullets, each with a unique silicone sleeve over it. The sleeves include: Plush, Velvet, Lace, Silk, and the one I received; Curve. This sleave features a totally smooth surface and a curved tip designed for g-spot stimulation. It is not designed for anal use as it is much too small to hold on to safely and has no flared base to anchor it outside the body.

Materials, Texture, and Care

     The Key Charms Curve is composed of three distinct materials; The outer sleeve is made of 100% body safe silicone. It is non-porous, phthalate-free, and easily sanitized. It is buttery smooth and features a soft, flexible curve at the tip. Silicone is often very soft and plush, and the tip of this toy is, but since this is a thin sleeve covering the hard bullet beneath it, the remainder of the toy is very firm.
     The bullet is made of a hard plastic, and although I don't know for sure, it does seem to have a PU coating. This gives it a velvety feel that is very smooth to the touch but it also creates microscopic texture for bacteria to get trapped in. While plastic is a mostly safe it will not last forever, covering it with the silicone sleeve and cleaning regularly will help to prolong it's life and protect it from collecting harmful bacteria.
     Finally, the base of the bullet and the button are made of what feels a plastic covered in a metallic coating. This is equally safe as compared to the rest of the toy, and although it is not the safest material out there I am not that concerned since this portion does not often come in contact with the body.
     The body of the toy should be cleaned after each use with warm soap and water. I recommend removing the sleeve and cleaning that inside and out as well as the body of the toy as it would be easy for fluids to get trapped in between. You should also be sure to let them dry before replacing the sleeve as I would worry that mold would form in the dampness in between. The silicone itself could be boiled (in a pot large enough that it does not touch the sides), or by being wiped down in a 10% bleach solution.


     The sizing of the Key Charm's Curve is a bit strange, at approximately 4 inches long and just under 3 inches in circumference it is far too small for most people to happily use for insertion but on the other hand it is a bit larger than the common bullet. I have heard some reviewers complain that this made it awkward for them to use as it didn't fit quite right in their hand but I found it comfortable and easy to use despite it's strange size.

Vibration Functions

     The Curve features five functions, only one of which is a constant, the remaining four are patterns. While the luxury Jopen line is known for eliminating patterns all together, featuring only a graduated speed from low to high, it was interesting (and a bit odd) to see them focus almost entirely on them in this line. The patterns they choose to include are as follows:
  1. Steady Speed (high?)
  2. Flutter
  3. Escalating/Reving
  4. Slow Pulse
  5. ZZ  ZZ zz zz zz ZZ  ZZ (sorry I can't think of a good way to describe it)
     The vibrations themselves are relatively buzzy, they may not be as high pitched as some other toys I have used but I fear that after any length of time they would be numbing. I would rate them approximately 3/5 in power and 3.5/5 in volume which I'll round up to a 4. They are focused most in the tip which makes it good for focused clitoral stimulation .


     The Curve is powered by one AA battery inserted into the base and is controlled by a simple push button control on the battery cap. On push turns it on and each subsequent push cycles through the functions, hold it down for two seconds to turn it off. It has no memory so when you turn it on it will return to the first function each time. The control button is placed well, it is not difficult to push but I also did not find myself pushing it accidentally.


     The Curve comes packaged in a classy black and purple package, although it does sort of remind me of something from KY that you might find in a drugstore so I personally did not find that aspect very appealing. There is a purple cardboard sleeve slipped over a simple black box. The box itself is easily sturdy enough for storage and is not very big so it won't take up an excessive amount of space. The front has a picture of the toy itself and the side features some information, it is subtle and tasteful enough to give as a gift to anyone you're comfortable giving this as a gift too.

     The interior is all black with a simple cutout that the toy fits easily in to. Included with this is a piece of paperwork showing the other available sleeves for the toy. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they are not available for purchase independently as of now, you would need to purchase a whole new bullet. There are also simple instructions detailing how to insert the battery but no instructions on cleaning. They also include a simple black storage bag, it is not very high quality and feels much like a stiff satin but it was still very nice of the company to include it.


     As I mentioned earlier the size of this toy is a bit strange, larger than an average bullet but still much smaller than your typical insertable toy. Externally it can be applied to the clitoris, vulva, nipples, or any other sensitive area. While I found the shape very easy to manipulate (it's not a very unique one at that) I was not in love with the vibrations, they were a bit too weak and buzzy for me. One thing that was nice was that the vibrations didn't seem to numb my fingers as quickly as I expected them too as I kept them near the end of the toy. The curved tip could also be used for direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation while the sides could be used for broader stimulation to the vulva area.
     Internally this toy works as a great tease to get the body warmed up and looking for more but it is not enough to finish me off by any means. I feel the size would be too small for those who enjoy even the most petite of toys. The curved tip is designed to stimulate those with very shallow g-spots but I personally found the tip to be a bit too pointed as I prefer broader stimulation. Those that enjoy very pinpoint stimulation will find that this is firm enough to provide moderate pressure to the g-spot before flexing.

Closing Thoughts

     I had very high hopes for the product but I was a bit disappointed when I started reading reviews, even before I received my product. It seemed that most people were expecting a product comparable to the other popular Jopen products for 1/3 the price. Once I lowered my expectations I was actually happily surprised. This is not to say that it was an amazing toy, far from it, it has its flaws and it probably a bit overpriced, I'd have to say that you're paying a pit for the name. These things aside, it isn't a terrible product, it's just not all that it could have been. The vibrations are weak, buzzy, and loud compared to their power. There are very few toys that I will say "do not buy" as I'm sure each toy will appeal to someone, this particular toy is simple, maybe good for beginners who are intimidated by size buy would like to experiment with insertion. For those more experienced with toys I would say that this is not something that needs to be added to an already crowded toy box, but if you want it you can always buy it at this sex toy shop for $39.99.

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