Monday, January 7, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

      Today I want to share with you a story, a fable of sorts, so that you may not make the same mistake I did. Having reached the end of my current list of products to review I went into my box of rarely used toys that I have acquired over time but had little interest in looking for my next product to review. As I dug into the box I noticed one of the bags containing a toy was a bit damp and sticky, and as I furrowed deeper I noticed that there were more and more product packages with this residue on it. I began to wonder if one of the many lotions and potions, lubes and arousal gels that I had sitting in the box began to leak. Unfortunately I quickly came to the root of the problem.
     I stumbled across a cheap jelly vibrating c-ring that I had tossed carelessly into the bin, with the side almost entirely melted off. It had slipped and been resting next to a massage mitt of a similar material. Allowing these toys to come into contact with one another had created a chemical reaction and the surface of the toy is now permanently destroyed. This is the reason that I always recommend storing your toys in a protective bag and separate from one another as well as using only water based lubes with silicone toys. I had been meaning to do this intentionally and see exactly what the reaction was one day but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind, at least it was an educational experience!

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